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Positive Organisations

positive organisations1Research shows that huge improvements in productivity and organisational performance can be achieved when organisations promote a “positive” organisational culture. The culture of an organisation provides the structure to support Positive Leadership practices by promoting an atmosphere of safety and trust. This in turn “enables” teams and individuals to be at their best and deliver sustainable “high performance” today and into the future.

Positive Organisations flourish because their people do not have to be coerced to contribute, they happily deliver a high level of discretionary effort every day. Efforts have to be made to ensure that every policy and procedure supports this positive culture, and that these are “lived” and consistently demonstrated within every aspect of the activities of organisation, and by every person in the organisation beginning at the top. This includes hiring practices, onboarding, communication (both formal and informal), development opportunities, reviewing performance, remuneration and reward schemes, organisational values and visions. It is important that the people in an organisation feel valued throughout their working life. This is especially important in time of change or challenge for the organisation, or for them individually (such as illness or injury).