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Positive People

female faces multicoloured 19523838_mlThe new commercial world is demanding new ways of working. Models such as Distributed Leadership or Leading cultures will demand more of all people working in the organisations of today and the future. It will no longer be enough for teams to be told what to do, but each will need to engaged to their full potential in the work they do and the goals of the organisation. They will need to “co-create” a high performance culture based on respect, initiative and collaborative communication. This will only be possible if there are positive leaders, practicing positive leadership and creating a positive culture within the organisation.

Positive people build positive and resilient teams, able to take on the challenge of constant change. They are also more able to be innovative and responsive, take better care of their colleagues and customers, and are more engaged and willing to do their best every day. All of this leads to better business outcomes and improvements in the bottom line. It is not all about “job satisfaction” …. It is about allowing and encouraging the development of strengths and talents, working towards developing the best in each person and allowing them to flourish. As a result the team, department and organisation will flourish along with them.