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Does your business know how to engage the global workforce? Find out how engage your employees are by taking this short quiz.

When important projects are are coming up, employees volunteer to work longer or they don’t mind working extra hours.


I know when to intervene when my employees are performing below par so I can guide them to work better and I also know how not to tolerate those who have unacceptable performance.


My employees and I are proud of the business and branding resonate internally with our team.


Employees know the company’s goals, why these goals are important and their role in achieving those goals.


When I chat with my coworkers or other people in the business, they ask me helpful and knowledgeable questions about our business.


Employees come to me for information when problems arise instead of creating and feeding rumors about those issues.


I am familiar with my employees, know them by name and I can tailor my motivational approach according to their individual differences.


I make sure that employees can clearly understand any new strategy, projects, tasks or initiative I introduce. They also openly approach me of any questions and clarifications.


I am good at reading how my employees feel through their body language and other non verbal cues.


I go to work full of positive vibes and I share and spread this and my employees respond positively and also feel optimistic.