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Work Stress Solutions

  • Group workshops on stress and resilience.
  • Delivered face-to-face or via webinar and telecom conference.
  • Support materials and modules via Online Learning Center.
  • Follow up implementation support.

The Mental Edge

  • Individualised coaching program for business leaders, executives and managers targeting development of sustainable high performance and mental strategies.
  • Delivered face-to-face or by Skype.
  • Support materials and modules via Online Learning Centre

The Mindwise Management

  • Group workshops on how to improve individual performance in a sustainable way.
  • Tools and strategies to manage others to achieve sustainable "high performance"
  • Support modules via Online Learning Centre.
  • Implementation support.

The Positive Productivity Program

  • Whole of business approach incorporating elements of all other programs.
  • Targeting environmental and "cultural" factors that inhibit high performance. Assessment and targeting of interventions.
  • Combination of face-to-face and online delivery.

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