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We are passionate about helping you to live your best life….to achieve your goals, reach your full potential and to enjoy your life. We know sometimes things can happen that can knock you “off course”, or you can get stuck in old patterns of “thinking” and “doing” that keep you stuck.

At Positive Living Online Coaching, we will work with you to give you tools and strategies to deal with the issues that are holding you back or causing you distress. Our approach is built on the latest research in the areas of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Coaching Psychology. You will learn to understand and manage the unhelpful patterns your mind had developed and find new, more helpful patterns to use in the future.

Since we are dedicated to providing people with the strategies they need to reach their full potential and live their best life, we are offering the following services to help you to:
-Deal better with work and life stress
-Increase your motivation
-Clarify work and life goals
-Reduce anxiety and panic
-Increase happiness and reduce depression
-Increase your overall levels of happiness
-Find work-life balance
-Increase your personal effectiveness and levels of achievement
-Improve communication at work and at home
-Be more positive and enjoy your life
-Overcoming “bad habits” that affect your health or happiness
-Help you move forward towards success

We provide individual, small group and “virtual” programs and Services that include coaching, counseling and workshops. These are provided by an experienced registered psychologist, Ronita Neal.

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