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Improving Business Productivity Starts with You!

leadership developmentA lot has been written over the last couple of years about how to improve the productivity of employees with the goal of improving the business bottom line. The truth is that this often direction away from where the attention should be...on the business owner first, then the management team, then the supervisors and then the employees.

The same message applies to any size business. And my opinion is based on both the findings of research about how our minds work, and many years experience fixing the problems that arise when business owners do not understand how productivity works. If you are "the business", a sole operator or maybe working with your life partner, then it is even more important to understand these principles.

Let me ask you a few questions? If I asked you how much you enjoyed going to work this week, how happy you are that you are running your business, how much you enjoy the type of things you do every day at work and how satisfied are you with  the outcomes... What would you say? You can answer using a figure between 0% and 100%. What about if I asked you if you are clear about the goals for your work each day, if you feel you have all the resources/knowledge and support you need to carry out your duties, and if  you are satisfied that your work is of value to yourself and to others? How about your work environment…both physical and the social environment... Is your business a safe and pleasant place to work? These are some of the questions we use to find out if employees are engaged... If they are committed to their work and do what it takes to do a great job. You might think about it as how willing people are to go above and beyond for the good of the customer and the employer. This is the type of commitment that money cannot buy. You might think of it as having a "passion for the job".  How did you score?

How you feel about your business will determine how you run your business and how you "show up" in your business. Because businesses are complex chaotic systems of people (or brains) interacting, how you act affects the WHOLE business through a ripple effect passed on through systems, culture and personal contact.

Linking our understanding of individual brain function to leadership strategies based on a understanding of the complexity of how teams and business function can lead to improvements in bottom line measures such as sales, customer retention, retention of engaged employees, and decrease in losses. How much can productivity be improved? How can you improve productivity? We will look at this in future articles.

Positive Productivity Network has available programs in leadership development.

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