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How to be a Manager and Still Have a Life

worklife balanceIs work-life balance an essential component of good management and higher productivity? Or is it something you sacrifice for corporate success?

Time management is always an essential part of both your personal and professional life.  When you fail to achieve managing your time, most likely you will have difficulties and challenges in managing other aspects as well.  Not to mention that neglecting yourself can be unhealthy and may affect your efficiency and performance in the long run.

With all your responsibilities in the workplace, how can you be a competent manager and still have a life?  Here are some helpful tips that will get you started with balancing and managing your time:

Manage your time by reviewing your priorities and job activities.

Set daily goals base on what you want to achieve on that day.  Never plan things that will go beyond the number of hours you have.  If something unexpected happens that needs your immediate attention, then make adjustments on the time allotted for other tasks base on what needs to be done and what can wait.

Build a system in delegating tasks.

Never forget that that you have your team working with you.  Familiarise yourself with the strengths of your people and trust them with tasks that they have the skills to work on.  Not only will you have more time on your hands to focus on more important matters but you also empower your employees.

Organise and know when to use technology.

In today’s age, technology plays a vital role in communication in the workplace. Never shun technology and learn how to utilise it for your benefit.  Why set up meetings all the time when you can send emails to your employees?  One thing though, never overuse technology and know when to spend time and talk to your people face-to-face.

Understand the signs of stress and act on it.

Stress may give you the adrenaline rush you need but prolonged stress will cause burn out.  If you already feel that you’re starting to lose focus and hours of sleep, gets irritated easily or your muscles starting to ache, don’t wait for it to get worse.  Take a break and spend some “me” time.  The earlier you address stress the lesser time you need to break away from it.

Have a healthy lifestyle.

You may have a hectic schedule but it is never an excuse for you to miss your meals or eat fast food all the time.  Take time to plan nutritious meals and also to improve your fitness.  The mind won’t work if the body can’t so try to find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  All your dreams of success might come crashing down if your body will easily succumb to weakness and illnesses.

We all know that holding a big and crucial role in your Company entails endless tasks and huge obligations.  However, balancing your work with your life outside the office is an option you have to ensure that you optimise and enjoy the fruits of your success with your loved ones.  Also you are a role-model in your business and when your people see the benefits of a good work-life balance, they will also be motivated to do that.  With you and your people happy, who knows how far you can reach when it comes to productivity and results.

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