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Employee Recognition and Why it Matters

What is the most important asset in any business???  What is it that will set you apart from your competition and get you through the tough times??? What […]

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Managing the Pressures of Management

Have you every wondered if it is worth the hassle of taking on the responsibilities that come with being a leader? Have you ever got to the end […]

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How to be a Manager and Still Have a Life

Is work-life balance an essential component of good management and higher productivity? Or is it something you sacrifice for corporate success? Time management is always an essential part […]

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Higher Employee Engagement for Better Productivity

Business performance is greatly affected by the engagement and productivity of its employees. Skills and experience are no longer enough to lead and manage in today’s business environment. […]

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The Challenge of Change Part One

The Challenge of Change Part One: Why is it so hard to make change in organisations? One of the most interesting things about “managing” change in organisations is […]

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Running a Business is a Race

Running a business can be very demanding. Sometimes it seems that the harder we work the less progress we make. This can be true for a number of […]

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