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Organisational Success Through Leadership

How can a Leadership Development Program drive organisational success? Do You Need a Leadership Development Program? Executives, leaders and managers are under increasing pressure to deliver bigger and […]

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Why Should Managers Care about Poor Self Esteem?

What has Self Esteem got to do with Productivity in the workplace and why should managers care? Poor self esteem can make almost every aspect of life more […]

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The Positive Leadership Program

Every business or  organisation has its own unique challenges and environment.   Each leader and manager also comes to their role with different skills, strengths and experiences. This is […]

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How to Deal with Leadership Challenges

A leader is at the heart of any successful business who drives people and teams to perform in line with the organisation’s goals. However leaders are facing a lot […]

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The Challenge of Change Part One

The Challenge of Change Part One: Why is it so hard to make change in organisations? One of the most interesting things about “managing” change in organisations is […]

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Ronita Neal: The Leadership Developer

Over the last 25 years I have worked with an amazing range of people, businesses and organisations in a number of different roles including as a psychologist, consultant, trainer, coach […]

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