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Will Your New Year Be Happy?

So often at this time of year we start to think about what goals we should set for the year ahead and we are often encouraged to set […]

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How to Go Home on Time? Work Smarter!

More and more studies show that office workers can benefit themselves and their families by going home on time as much as possible, to reduce work-related illness. On […]

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It’s Hard to Smash the Glass Ceiling with your Feet Stuck to the Floor!

One of the great mysteries of the last 20 years has been why women are still under-represented in the most senior positions of large companies and organisations. Given […]

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Merry Christmas???

For many businesses the time leading up to Christmas can be very busy….. lots of work to get done, lots of orders to fill, lots of deadlines to […]

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The Menace Of Multitasking

As our work becomes more complex it is even more important to give people enough time and the right environment to think effectively. Multitasking is the enemy of […]

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Are You Killing Your Team’s Creativity?

Creativity and innovation are important to success in today’s rapidly changing business environment yet not all organisations find it easy to encourage or embrace new ideas. Why is […]

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